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Fire Inspections

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Annual fire inspections of your fire extinguishers are required by law.

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Annual Fire Inspections Schedule.

The AGL Fire Safety Division maintains an annual schedule for all customers for fire inspections. When you are due for inspection, we call and arrange the inspection with your time in mind. AGL Fire Safety will create and maintain a complete list of your Fire Extinguishers and their locations at no additional cost. Other intervals can be arranged for monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual to meet your safety and hazard requirements.

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What to watch during fire inspections:

  • Missing, Improper, or Loose Wall Hook
  • Bent Handle or Pull Pin
  • Proper Placement & Spacing

Maintenance of service calendar


Internal records of customer products


Experts on call to answer any questions


DOT certified on-site inspections and installations


Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually

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