Fire Extinguisher Service Specialists

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Cloth Paint


Our trained technicians can install Vehicle and Wall Mounted Extinguishers which conform to National Fire Protection Association and State and Local Regulations.


The AGL Fire Safety Division maintains an annual schedule on all customers. When you are due for inspection, we call and arrange the inspection with your time in mind. AGL Fire Safety will create and maintain a complete list of your Fire Extinguishers and their locations at no additional cost. Other intervals can be arranged for monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual to meet your safety and hazard requirements.

What to watch during an inspection

  • Missing, Improper, or Loose Wall Hook
  • Bent Handle or Pull Pin
  • Proper Placement & Spacing

Obsolete Fire Extinguishers

  • Soda Acid Type
  • Chemical Foam
  • Excluding Film Forming Agents
  • Vaporizing Liquid
  • e.g. Carbon Tetra-chloride
  • Cartridge-Operated Water
  • Cartridge-Operated Loaded Stream Solder/Rivets
  • Excluding Pump Tanks
  • CO2 with Metal Horns
  • Solid Charge-Type AFFF

When to Condemn a Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire Extinguisher is Obsolete
  • Rust on Cylinder
  • Physical Damage to Cylinder
  • Excessively Dirty (e.g. painted or covered in grease)
  • Fire Extinguisher is Recalled
  • Label Missing

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Other Services

We do Hydro-Static testing, provide loaners while your extinguishers are being serviced, and maintain a large variety of spare parts. We also service Emergency Exit Lights on a annual basis.

AGL Fire Extinguisher Capabilities Include:

New Jersey and New York Licensed, NAFED Approved DOT Certified On-site inspections and installations.

In-house hydro-static testing facilities AGL services all manufacturer’s fire extinguishers AGL provides loaner fire extinguishers.

The effectiveness of a Fire Prevention/Control System is only as good as the company providing the service. AGL has a carefully trained staff, complete retest/refill facilities, and extensive product insurance cove age. (Many suppliers are seriously lacking in this area!)

Safety and Dependability

What are they worth to your company? Give AGL a call and let us check out your current equipment.